Happy Holidays from MWTravel Vegas and David Saxe Productions!

David Saxe Productions is proud to present the Holiday Edition of VEGAS! THE SHOW.  Vegas-Holiday IconHere at MWTravel Vegas we love all of David Saxe’s productions and can’t wait to experience the magic of this holiday season with them! Starting November 20th through December 31st come experience the Holidays Vegas style! The production will include additional fun filled dance numbers and festive costumes, while celebrating the timeless Holiday music made famous by your favorite Las Vegas stars! 


Holiday show highlights include Jingle Bell Rock in the style of Wayne Newton, Marshmallow World as made famous by Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra, Blue Christmas in the style of Elvis Presley, and many more heartwarming, holiday favorites. 



Please ask our agent about special pricing for these shows!  See you soon!




Please Welcome David Saxe Productions!

Las Vegas has been called the entertainment capitol of the world. Not just the amazing clubs, and an all day all night attitude, but the BEST shows on the planet!

We are so proud to announce that we have formed a partnership with David Saxe Productions to offer our clients special insider rates for a multitude of Las Vegas’ finest entertainment. From comedy to magic, Family friendly, to grown up time,

Call 702-983-0228 to book your shows and your transportation there and back!

Beating The Las Vegas Heat!

Las Vegas is Known for it’s heat. It is after all a desert, but what exactly is an excessive heat warning, and how should you deal with it as a local or vacationer?

The national Weather Service has Issued the following warning for Las Vegas locals, and travelers.

An Excessive Heat Warning means that a prolonged period of dangerously hot temperatures will occur. Hot temperatures will create a dangerous situation in which heat illnesses are likely. Drink plenty of fluids, stay in an Air-conditioned room, stay out of the Sun, and check up on relatives and neighbors.
If you plan to be outside, avoid prolonged exposure or strenuous physical activity. Your body can lose up to a gallon of water an hour through perspiration, so drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Alcoholic and caffeinated beverages should be avoided because they can increase the rate of water loss in your body, increasing the risk of heat exhaustion or stroke. Wear light weight, light colored, loose fitting clothing. Wear a hat to shield yourself from the sunshine and use a sunscreen to reduce the risk of sunburn.

The biggest thing that gets our eager travelers in this heat is dehydration. During these extremely hot times we forget to drink enough water. When the casinos are giving free drinks to everyone all day we often don’t realize we are too far gone before its too late. Please remember to drink a glass of water in-between adult beverages during these extreme heat warnings. You don’t want to ruin your vacation with an emergency room trip!

We recommend that you stay inside during the hottest parts of the day (generally 2pm-7pm) and fortunately for Vegas there is plenty to do inside!
catch a movie, or spend a little more time at the tables or slots. This should be your ideal gambling time.

Or as we know, most of the action happens at night anyway, so take a nice nap during those scorching hours!

So stay hydrated and stay safe! It really is a desert out there!!




BBB Rock & Wine EVENT!

We have amazing news to share!

Because of our amazing rating with The Better Business Bureau, MW Travel Vegas has been invited to then Better Business Bureau of Southern Nevada Networking Mixer, In partnership with Rock ’n Roll Wine!

We are greatly honored to be invited to such an exclusive event! As a new business opportunities like this give us the chance to not only network with other companies and form contacts and partnerships with other small businesses in our community, but give us the opportunity to slow down for a minute and really appreciate everything we have accomplished so far! It has been an amazing year, and we could not ask for better clients!

Our mission statement at MW Travel, is you can get a ride from anywhere, let us give you an experience!. We were tired of traditional transportation and travel companies filing customers in and out of Vegas with little or no regard for client experience. We set out to change that. In our business the customer always comes first, and we do everything in our power to make sure their travel plans to las vegas are as convenient as possible. If you are coming in for a family reunion, business trip, or a bachelor party, let us show you how to celebrate Vegas style. You won’t be disappointed!

World Class Entertainment!

Las Vegas has been called the entertainment capitol of the world. Not just the amazing clubs, and an all day all night attitude, but the BEST shows on the planet.

From world class entertainers like Shania Twain, Brittany Spears, and Elton John, to high flying acts that defy all we know as natural in a number of Cirque du Soleil extravaganzas all over the Las Vegas Strip.

Vegas just seems to have a magic flair. Although many of the same shows are displayed all over the country, some even involving a traveling cast, Vegas productions stand out more than anything. They seem to have a bit of an offbeat over the top flair that keeps you begging for more.

As an example of this, ( My own personal experience) My first experience seeing my favorite Broadway production of The Phantom Of The Opera ( “Or Phantom, The Las Vegas Spectacular,” as The Venetian called it) was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Being born and raised in Las Vegas, I had no idea that the “real” Phantom Of The Opera in New York was much different. So when I had the opportunity to see it live on Broadway I was drastically disappointed. The production was completely different. No fireworks, The chandelier fell ( at what I thought was the wrong time). The songs were the same, but it was very boring and disappointing.
Almost EVERY professional performer makes a stop in Sin City on their various tours, weather it is a musical artist, Or a famous author coming to do a book signing, Las Vegas is a must stop for all things entertainment.

Along with dazzling performers, we also have the worlds highest accredited Magicians and illusionists. If your are ready to have your mind blown, and step into a world of wonder any of our resident magicians will be sure to leave you breathless.

Vegas just seems to have a way of arranging productions to capture you from the first moments of the show and keep you there till curtain falls. If you are ever considering seeing a show, see if it happens to be running in Vegas first! You won’t regret it!

When the party stops.

When a good time in Vegas turn to disaster.

When you come to vegas, you expect gambling, clubs. world class entertainment, and plenty to drink!
Unfortunately when the good times come to the end of the night, we have to find a way home. Most of the time we have had more to drink than we realize, and getting behind the wheel is disastrous.
In this day and age there is no excuse for drinking and driving. With all of the modern convinces like, taxis, private transportation,Uber, and Lift.
With so many options available It’s a wonder that it even still happens at all.
According to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) In 2014 there were 290 Road fatalities in clark county (Las Vegas) of which 159 were alcohol related. 159 people lost their lives because someone was not responsible enough to know their limits and got behind the wheel. Thats 38% of road fatalities.
Now fortunately that number has dropped significantly since 2005, and continues to drop year by year.
Always drink responsibly and of you plan to go out and have a good time, keep alternate transportation in mind! And never drink and drive!

For your reference Here is the Blood Alcohol Chart or the BAC. It serves as a reference point for everyone.

bac chart

5 reasons to choose MWTravel Vegas over a taxi.

  1. Meet And Greet Service.


Strange airports can be a hassle to navigate. We offer meet and greet service when you get off the plane to escort you to your driver. No fumbling around trying to find drivers with signs and asking people for directions. We meet you at your assigned baggage carousel and take you to your private car. Plain and simple.


  1. Taxi Lines.


McCarren International Airport is the 24th busiest airport in the WORLD with over 41 million passengers a year!  That’s 112,329 travelers a day. The average wait time for a taxi line is 45 minutes. Traveling for business is stressful enough without fighting a mob of travelers trying to get out of the airport at the same time, particularly when its 115 degrees outside!  Traveling anywhere means you have stood in line all day getting through security, getting on the plane, and waiting for the isle to clear to get off the plane……give yourself a break and give us a call.


  1. Complimentary Champagne.


Most of our limos come with a complimentary bottle of champagne for you and your travel companions to enjoy on your ride to your hotel. You just landed in Vegas! Whether you are here for business, pleasure, or both, what better way to celebrate than a nice glass of bubbly.


4.Follow Ups.


Have you ever fill out one of those “comment cards” in a restaurant or business, but know deep down in your heart that no one actually cares enough to read them. At MW Travel Vegas we follow up with EVERY single client we service. We call and ask how everything went, and are more than eager to find out your true thoughts, good or bad, and what we can improve on for your next ride. No automatically dialed calls with a robot asking you to press 5 for good and 1 for bad. Real live people genuinely making sure your experience was nothing but perfect.


  1. So Much More than Cars.


We are local! Las Vegas is our home and customer service is our passion! We can answer any of your Las Vegas questions, tell you about the best restaurants, where to get the best show tickets, and we can even get you and your guests into some of the hottest nightclubs in Sin City.
So start with the best, and let us help you experience why Las Vegas is the greatest city in the world!Classic Sedan. Stretch 6 passenger