When the party stops.

When a good time in Vegas turn to disaster.

When you come to vegas, you expect gambling, clubs. world class entertainment, and plenty to drink!
Unfortunately when the good times come to the end of the night, we have to find a way home. Most of the time we have had more to drink than we realize, and getting behind the wheel is disastrous.
In this day and age there is no excuse for drinking and driving. With all of the modern convinces like, taxis, private transportation,Uber, and Lift.
With so many options available It’s a wonder that it even still happens at all.
According to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) In 2014 there were 290 Road fatalities in clark county (Las Vegas) of which 159 were alcohol related. 159 people lost their lives because someone was not responsible enough to know their limits and got behind the wheel. Thats 38% of road fatalities.
Now fortunately that number has dropped significantly since 2005, and continues to drop year by year.
Always drink responsibly and of you plan to go out and have a good time, keep alternate transportation in mind! And never drink and drive!

For your reference Here is the Blood Alcohol Chart or the BAC. It serves as a reference point for everyone.

bac chart

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