Low Cost Airport Shuttle

$18 One Way
$35 Round Trip

Strip and Downtown Hotels only

  • Trip Type: One Way   Round Trip
  • Passengers:

  • $108.00

5 or less call for availability
10 or more call for discount

McCarran Airport Shuttle Bus

McCarran Airport Shuttle Service

Perhaps a limousine or a stretch SUV does not fit your needs but you still need to get from the airport to your destination and you certainly do not want to take a taxi or the city bus to get there. You are looking for something that is in between comfort and convenience. Take a look at our airport shuttle for your traveling needs. This way you know you will be driven in an air-conditioned vehicle by an experienced driver to where you need to be. There won’t be 101 stops along the way because we are not a public transport service. You can rest assured that your ride will be clean and as smooth as possible and our driver will provide assistance in loading and unloading your luggage if you require assistance.